Been trying to be more present lately

Been trying to be more present lately

Ain’t that a bitch, how do you try to be present?

If you’re trying, you’re not present; you’re trying

If you try, you’re fucked, but if you give up, you have a shot

Wanna be more present? Give up

Give it all up, man, the overconfidence, the insecurities

Give it up

You’re not even here

I would share a memory of mine, but it’s not funny

I don’t have anything to relate back to you right now

I have feelings but no memory

Being present, man, it’s not all peaches and cream

It ain’t all that it’s piped up to be

It just is

But it’s better than trying to be something

We all try, every fucking day

We try to be this or that

For what? So we can try more

And when we try and fail, we take it personally

We try less because it hurt so bad the last time we tried

So we try not trying

But then we fail at that

Stop trying to be happy

Don’t try not to try either

You’ll end up trying

I have this moment right now

And I don’t even have it

I’m not trying for this moment; I’m in it

This moment will come and go

And I’ll still be here

But the question is, once these moments have gone will I try to be here or not?

I don’t mean suicide either

That’s intentionally trying not to be here

And the whole point is that you don’t have to try so hard while you’re living

There is no “I” or “this”

It’s just your head

Your body doesn’t give a fuck

Space ain’t ephemeral; it’s eternal

Let space in, let yourself out

Welcome to the here and now

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