New newsletter format / Pennywise bit and Redemption

New name update:
I am very excited to announce the Kevin Thomas Newsletter is now Trial & Error
Trial & Error is a new concept I will be experimenting with over the long term.
Reader, the goal of this new concept is to show you the creative process in real-time by updating and reworking the same pieces until they’re finished.
If the theme of The Kevin Thomas Newsletter was invention, the theme of Trial & Error will be the never-ending pursuit of perfection.

Trial & Error info:
Welcome to Trial & Error: A live look at the creative process behind a weekly blog post
The same two posts are updated and edited weekly until they are finished

This past Wednesday, I went out and performed the Pennywise bit at an open mic to a total of zero laughs. 

This past Thursday, after reeling from Wednesday night, I decided to get back up on the horse and go out with just straight jokes I had been working on. While I did abandon the Pennywise bit, my set went much better, and my feelings of worthlessness subsided for the time being. 

I have attached links with the audio clips to both.

I hope you enjoy

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