This ones for the weirdos

Too cool to be weird 

Too weird to be cool

Too smart to be dumb 

Too dumb to be smart

Too aggressive to be passive

Too passive to be aggressive

To the dreamers, the believers, and the grinders, someday you’ll see the glory. 

To the non-believers, the conformists, and the haters, you’re a midlife crisis away from being one of us.

To the fuck a job’s.

To the ones who know they got something too special to live a normal life: You can do anything as long as you consistently do something.

I was walking in Piedmont Park the other day and saw the Atlanta skyline in a different light.

I no longer saw the bright lights and city dreams, those dreams and dreamers don’t work or live inside those high rises.

Those dreams live inside the sticky smoky dive bar floors, in the soles of overworn, dirty shoes.

Those dreams live in the rush hour commute across town, in the tired and worn down soles that sacrifice what little free time they have into their daydreams.

Those dreams live in the ‘02 civics on their last leg and standing room only MARTA train rides.

Those dreams live in the uncomfortable pauses around family and friends after they share their visions.

Those dreams live in the sacrifices.

Those dreams live in the shit jobs that work around their real schedule of pouring their time into the craft.

Those dreams live in the break ups

Those dreams live in the same clothes they’ve had since 2015

Those dreams live in staying in on a Friday night to pour their soul into their craft.

Those dreams live in making half of what they could because they don’t want to commit the mental energy needed to drive a career in the real world forward.

Those high rises, they’re just pretty boxes with fancy decorations.

Boxes that creatives live outside of. 

The dreamers that shift the culture and heartbeats of their city, they don’t live in the skyline, they live in the slipstream of the real world and their passions. 

The skyline is adored by tourists, lived in by the 9-5er’s, and scoffed at by the dreamers.

To the dreamers, the weirdos, and believers, you’re a dedication away from your dreams becoming reality. Keep going.

Until next week,

Kevin Thomas

2 thoughts on “This ones for the weirdos

  1. Kevin. I am terrible at reading. Always have been. Dyslexic with a severe deficit in reading comprehension… That’s me.

    Random factoid above but I just want to say: I am so moved by your writing. All of it! It’s raw. It’s real. And it’s inspiring. I look forward to next week’s update!


    1. Hey Valerie,

      Sorry, it took me so long to reply to this, but thank you so much for your kind words, and it means that much more to me knowing that it’s a challenge to read the posts at times for you, but you push through because these words do something for you.

      Thank you for reading, and you saying what you did is exactly why I do this stuff, I hope by being vulnerable in my writing allows for others to heal their pain or to move in this life a little less burdened.

      Hope you like this week’s post too!


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