Freedom V3

Youth isn’t cool, it’s new.

Youth isn’t cool, but it’s not old like the rest of life.

I’ve seen twenty-somethings yearn for wife, kids, and a mortgage

Putting 30% of their lives down yearning to get old

Souls sold for the growing mold of maturity

Youth isn’t cool, it’s a limitless possibility.

Youth isn’t cool, but it’s too fresh to go stale.

I’ve seen grown men cry.

I’ve seen children die.

Yet I’ve only cried when the dreamer inside of me died. 

Youth isn’t cool, it’s the first cut.

Youth isn’t cool, it’s cutting deeper than the rest of life.

I’ve seen the sunrise and set on dreams.

I’ve seen nightmares become reality.

But I’ve only felt miserable when I believed I was getting old.

Youth isn’t cool, it’s nostalgic. 

Youth isn’t cool, it’s about to end but doesn’t know it.

Youth isn’t forever but you’ve got time left.

Time on the clock to turn back the possibilities.

Time to become what you could be before your corpse turns cold blue

Youth isn’t cool, it’s fleeting

Youth isn’t cool, it’s gone the second you recognize it

All these people we meet and greet in the dining hall of life.

Some sacrifice their whole identities for a seat at the table.

But the youth is out back, smoking cigarettes, plotting to burn down the whole fucking building.

Youth isn’t cool, it’s too long

Youth isn’t cool, it’s too short

There is no such thing as age 

I’ve seen children go gently into the night of “maturity” 

Yet i’m still too young to see their midlife crisis

Youth isn’t cool, it’s always you

Youth isn’t cool, it just makes you feel brand new

Youth loves to rush to the part when they figure it all out

The end of youth isn’t when you figure everything out

It’s when you give up on figuring it all out

Youth isn’t cool, it’s timeless

Youth isn’t cool, it’s out of time

Years and years of failure and I still feel brand new

I fight back the sorrowful blues 

But I wish someone told me tomorrow will bring you back brand new

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