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Killing a Child Molester

Steven Sandison was serving life in prison for killing his girlfriend in 1991. Years later, in 2019, he was given another life sentence for killing his cellmate Theodore Dyer, a convicted child molester.  Before murdering his cellmate, Steven had pleaded with the Michigan Department of Corrections not to place a child molester in his cell…

Sleep Paralysis Short Story

“My mom says every time you watch porn, it stays with you,” says David “yeah, and you’re mom has never had a man stick with her, so maybe she should do some porn,” says David’s 8th-grade bully Nick Marsh. While Nick has a few years and a few inches on the 6th grade David Shiner,…

“I want to make a great album.”

I want to make a great album, the themes teeming with life, words, and rhythms that cut through the air smooth and visceral like a winter breeze off the lake. It’d be timeless yet modern. Free yet restrained. Colleges would study it. Debates over inspiration would divide my fanbase for decades. The album cover would…

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